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Hanson Logistics announced its commitment to hire veterans through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Trucking Track and a partnership with FASTPORT, Inc. to help fulfill that hiring commitment. Hanson Logistics is the evolution of Hanson Cold Storage, founded in 1954 to support fruit and vegetable growers. Hanson Cold Storage grew to become the 13th largest refrigerated warehouse network in the country, with 9 facilities in Michigan...
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The recent issue of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods cited a report by the ACOSTA, entitled Bricks & Clicks – Understanding the Omni Channel Landscape. It’s an interesting read if you have a moment. The report called out that for Millennial and Gen Z shoppers technology has trumped brand loyalty. Tips to the brick-and-mortar retail is not as necessary or as entertaining as it is or was for their parents, who...
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If you’re confused about compliance with FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), you’re certainly not alone. In fact, this was a “hot topic” at the recent Food Safety Summit, where a group of speakers discussed how food safety professionals are coping with the new rules. And, in FSMA 2017, Foah International’s Shawn McBride told Quality Assurance that he’s been observing, “…somewhat of a mix between confusion, denial, fright, disinterest, and...
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 Humans have used freezing as a means of safely preserving food for thousands of years, but it took the technological genius of Clarence Birdseye in the 1920s to harness the preserving power of freezing food by making the process practical. According to the Frozen Food Foundation, this pioneer’s development of the double-belt freezer recreated nature’s freezing process and expanded its potential by moving it beyond the limits of climate and...
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Depending on which industry you’re working in, transportation logistics account for between 5% and 50% of your product’s total landed cost. That’s a significant outlay for any company that wants to remain profitable and viable in today’s constantly-changing logistics environment, where “going it alone” isn’t always necessary or financially feasible. The cold supply chain, for example, is becoming more and more challenging to manage as regulatory issues, carrier capacity crunches,...
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Hanson Logistics provides end-to-end temperature-controlled distribution, transportation, warehousing and supply chain services, including multi-vendor consolidation services to the nation's major retailers. As one of the largest providers in the US, the company operates a growing refrigerated transportation fleet and 9 facilities in the central states, totaling 39 million cu. ft. with more than 200 Hanson teammates.