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Thoughts on Cold Chain Logistics
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A few months ago, we wrote on the importance of becoming Shipper of Choice, especially in the face of tightening capacity. The context of Shipper of Choice centers on attracting and maintaining good, qualified carriers; an ongoing way of working for Hanson Logistics. Now, shippers are seeing more and more capacity migrate to the spot market. Many carriers are talking more with brokers than in the past; capacity in some...
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I like ice cream. All flavors, all recipes, served alone, in a cone or as a sundae. As dessert, after a ball game, you name it. I like it. Being in the business of deep-frozen storage and transportation, we tend to savor ice cream based on a slightly different criterion: ice crystals. Ice cream is full of ice crystals, very small, and virtually unnoticed. The goal is to keep it...
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With our history and frozen warehousing rooted in the orchards and berry fields of Michigan, Hanson Logistics rides the same unpredictable tide of crop numbers, as do our grower customers. This year it was a very good summer. Thankfully the demand for blueberries continues to rise nationwide, providing some stability in pricing for fresh and frozen berries. This year’s blueberry crop has battled the remnants of a brutal winter, a cool...
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Transparency throughout the global food chain means building trusting relationships with traceability with every touch point in the supply chain. Now more than ever, consumers want assurance they are purchasing products from reputable sources. Products must be accurately and quickly traced, especially in light of recent recalls and international incidents of suppliers taking advantage of lax food safety regulations. America’s leadership position in food safety is a global standard, placing...
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As I write this, Outgoing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration head Anne Ferro has finished defending her agency’s regulations limiting the amount of time drivers are allowed to work, during what probably was her last appearance before Congress as the agency’s chief. There continues to be ongoing debate on timing and extent of the Hours of Service, but regardless of your stance on the matter, everyone wants safer highways. No...
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Hanson Logistics provides end-to-end temperature-controlled distribution, transportation, warehousing and supply chain services, including multi-vendor consolidation services to the nation's major retailers. As one of the largest providers in the US, the company operates a growing refrigerated transportation fleet and 9 facilities in the central states, totaling 39 million cu. ft. with more than 200 Hanson teammates.