We May Ship Frozen Food Products, But We Deliver Value

Category: Cold Chain,Frozen Warehousing February 17, 2015

You work hard to produce frozen foods that taste as good as homemade. Whether it’s protein, center of the plate entrees, sides or desserts, we know you want your customer to purchase your brand with confidence. That’s where we come in. Our temperature-controlled distribution ensures that your product arrives in the freezer case like it’s right next door. First-time buyers take note of your brand quality, and they look for it next time they shop. Soon, they are loyal customers who wouldn’t buy any other brand. They look to your brand for consistent goodness lot after lot, month after month. Here’s what else we know at Hanson Logistics. We know how to take care of your product; we have the food safety and product control processes in place to ensure that every pick, every pallet is handled with accuracy and utmost care. Every move is well documented. Said another way, we help you grow your business. Our goal is to add value in a market where transportation demand far outweighs refrigerated capacity. Where smaller, mixed pallet orders are the rule, not the exception, yet when shipped alone in efforts to make deliver dates, eliminate any margins and increase the likelihood that the unconsolidated LTL will be last to unload at the consignees dock. We strive to add value in a time of increasing regulatory compliance. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) wants shippers, receivers, and carriers that transport food to implement safeguards to prevent food contamination.The FDA, required to finalize language by March 31, 2016, proposes rules that “would apply to shippers, carriers and receivers who transport food that will be consumed or distributed in the United States and is intended to ensure that persons engaged in the transportation of food that is at the greatest risk for contamination during transportation follow appropriate sanitary transportation measures.” That language is required, unfortunately, in some dark corners of the supply chain. But not at Hanson Logistics … we’re well ahead of that. After all, where others just ship products, we deliver value.

EDI Is Wonderful, But So Is ‘Yes, We Can!’

Category: Supply Chain March 10, 2015

There was a time when the naysayers claimed the days of EDI were numbered, soon to be replaced by web-based XML transactions. The fact is, EDI is well entrenched in the supply chain, and EDI transactions of warehouse orders, ASNs and routing documents continue to grow, especially among larger shippers. While EDI implementation can be Read the full article…

3 Reasons Why Velocities Load Consolidation is Growing

Category: Consolidation March 28, 2015

As we near the completion of our Chicago Consolidation Center expansion, we’ll touch upon several reasons why frozen food load consolidation programs, such as Velocities MVC, are considered best practices. Lower Overall Transportation Costs Load consolidation can significantly reduce overall shipping costs because manufacturers no longer pay for the inefficiencies of single LTL rates. Instead, their Read the full article…