Inventory Data in Real Time

Category: Supply Chain May 2, 2014

Although real-time inventory data may not seem useful outside of the International Space Station, many have found that tracking and analyzing big data in real-time has become vital to their company’s success.

There is a growing demand for immediate information and communication in business. To meet this need, web-based mapping technology allows firms to generate advanced reporting solutions. These solutions allow many different companies to gather and crunch real-time sales and inventory data, and respond quickly through revised production and distribution.

Real-time information allows producers to create products based on what consumers truly want, rather than on what they think they want. Knowing their clients’ needs and wants also makes marketing more efficient through a target message. Due to geospatial technology, guesswork is a thing of the past; companies can understand what their customers are actually looking for more quickly and efficiently.

Food manufacturers are able to identify specific sales trends within their company, and quickly modify their production schedules based on those trends. This allows producers to gage which of their products are flourishing and which are slowing down or stagnant, and which products to forgo production on due to low performance rates.

In today’s fast-paced supply chain industry, having proficient and efficient business intelligence is a necessity. Utilizing real-time analytics can help you understand your consumer’s expectations, anticipate future market trends, and help your company excel. Contact Hanson Logistics today for more information on how to utilize real-time inventory data in your business.

Good Job and Thank You, AFFI.

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