Keep on Trucking (Even in Weather Delays)

Category: Trucking January 30, 2014

Virtually every interstate system east of the Rockies has experienced some
measure of disruption during the last month of Polar Vortex weather. From
whiteout snowfall to gale force winds to fog as heavy as blanket wraps,
truck drivers face an unprecedented upheaval in an already demanding
occupation. Weather is an increasing threat to supply chain normality. In a
recent Fleet Owner article, the Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
insurance company emphasizes that weather impacts business
performance across a wide range of industries. “The weather does not
have to be extreme in order to have a negative impact on cash flows;
sometimes it is merely enough for it to be uncommon, unseasonal or even
unexpected,” noted Karsten Berlage, global head of weather risk
management at Allianz Risk Transfer (ART), one of Allianz’s specialty
divisions. According to Allianz, the cost of U.S. weather-related delays for
airlines and trucking companies annually amounts to $3 billion and $3.5
billion respectively. Estimates indicate 30% of U.S. gross domestic product
– some $5.7 trillion – is directly or indirectly affected by weather and
climate activity.

Hanson Logistics remains committed to on-time frozen food distribution
across the U.S. and throughout the four seasons. With an eye on safety, we
keep on trucking.

Hydrocooling: Keeping It Fresh

Category: Frozen Warehousing March 7, 2014

One of the biggest concerns facing food manufacturers and distributors is keeping their inventory safe across each stage of the supply chain. One technology found in warehouses close to growers is that of precooling foods. Hydrocooling is one of the quickest precooling methods available. Items such as fruits, vegetables, and other bulk foods can be Read the full article…