Hanson is Your Best Frozen Food 3PL Partner

A 3PL in food logistics assumes unique responsibilities compared to its counterpart in hard goods or non-foods CPG. Food safety and its adherence to strict protocol require greater diligence in each and every dimension of a 3PL service offering, especially temperature-controlled logistics. While greater transparency and greater accountability simply means we must partner with our customers for optimal success, these aspects are magnified in the cold chain, where every hand-off presents an opportunity for quality degradation.

Hanson Logistics leverages 60 years of experience as the 13th largest PRW and multi-modal transportation expertise to set the pace in 3PL temperature-controlled food logistics. We know that the success of the value-added food sector is premised on a reliable cold chain. The complexity of the agricultural and processed food supply chain continues to grow with the proliferation of flavor profiles, varieties, wholesale and retail SKUs. It demands attention to detail.

Hanson 3PL Advantage:

Balanced: The right resources at the right place to get the job done – that’s the Hanson way. Customers take comfort knowing have a safety net of our own facilities and our trucks, even though the majority of the flow might be out of their facilities on our partner carriers.

Experienced: We handle hundreds of orders per week for mixed-SKU shipments between nationally-known food processors and their large retail and wholesale customers.

Flexible: We’re able to quickly tailor an integrated program to meet your specific logistics requirements.

Scalable: Our warehousing network and truck fleet, together with assets of our supply chain partners, allow us to scale to seasonal or other supply chain demand peaks.

Solution Focused: We have developed dedicated transportation solutions, carrier and transportation management, inbound management, and a growing scheduled consolidation program to give our customers the most value for their logistics dollar.

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The Hanson Logistics model, anchored in strength and core capabilities, answers to the voice of the customer.

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Our objective is to help you gain freezer case market share.

Shipment Transitions are Critical in the Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain. That’s Why Leading Brands Choose Hanson Logistics.

Outsourcing Your Logistics To Hanson Allows You To:

  • Leverage best-in-class logistics as a competitive advantage
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Assign a more accountable cost to transportation and distribution
  • Improve customer service with higher order fulfillment and on-time deliveries
  • Gain assurance of capacity in times of peak demand
  • Improve supply chain visibility of current WMS and TMS technologies
  • Collaborate for lower transportation costs, reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduce administration requirements


Single Source Accountability in the Cold Supply Chain.

You need to consider the cost and talent required to stay at the high end of supply chain performance. Plus, you’re faced with the issues of driver shortage, scarce capacity, access to accurate data. . . these all influence the outsourcing decision. A 3PL like Hanson has much greater access to carriers, much better visibility across the supply chain than we would have as a medium sized company. They’re able to interface with our customer service to build the optimum loads in the best lanes. They work closely with us in pricing new programs to customers, helping us map out a responsive and cost-effective fulfillment process. As we look down the road to consolidation centers and forward DCs, Hanson is providing the modeling and optimization we need for inventory and production.”
– CEO, National Frozen Brand