Eliminate Costly LTL with Velocities™ MVC — Multi-Vendor Consolidation Program

Velocities MVC is a win/win cold supply chain fulfillment program. Food manufacturers share truckload savings when shipping smaller, higher frequency orders; retailers receive scheduled, consolidated truckload deliveries consistent with their continuous fulfillment strategies. Velocities MVC enables food manufacturers to realize substantial savings in fuel, labor, equipment, and overhead, and reduce their carbon footprint. Velocities™ MVC is the core service of the Hanson Chicago Consolidation Center, our 16,500,000 cu. ft. temperature-controlled facility is located just east of Chicago at the crossroads of I-80/94 and I-65.

SCHEDULED Frozen Food Distribution

Hanson builds your refrigerated or frozen orders from inbound and forward inventory at the Hanson Chicago Consolidation Center, then combines your shipments with those in the same temperature zone from other vendors to create a more efficient truckload for scheduled delivery to the same retailer. Value added services, such as SKU mixing and special pallet configurations are available. Velocities improves your fulfillment strategy and streamlines your cold supply chain process while reducing or eliminating higher cost LTL transportation. Hanson Transportation Management delivers across the US.


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Walmart Delivery

“Hanson has much greater access to carrier capacity and can give us better visibility across the supply chain,” said John Sommavilla, President, Cole’s Quality Foods, Inc. “Day-to-day, they interface with our customer service to build optimum loads, while managing both inbound and outbound. Long-term, they are mapping out the most responsive and cost-effective fulfillment process. This allows us to focus on our core competency, as a leading brand in bread and bakery products.”

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distributionVelocities reduces wasted assets, capacity and fuel through consolidation, scheduled delivery and continuous moves, including inbound management.

Reach Your Customer’s DCs from the Logistics Crossroads of the Midwest

Hanson-logistics-food-safety-distribution-transportation Hanson Transportation Management Services delivers refrigerated consolidated truckload to the nation’s largest retail and foodservice distribution centers.

Dedicated Distribution, Store Door Delivery, 3PL Service with a Smile

Hanson Dedicated Distribution offers the retail delivery service and on-demand capacity benefits of a private fleet without the operational burden, liability and overhead. When structured to support your specific inbound and outbound needs, dedicated distribution can also be a cost-effective alternative to owning and managing your own fleet or relying on contract carriage. You have the truck capacity required for JIT and production flow, as well as high level of customer service. We act as an extension of your organization and mirror your corporate values. Dedicated distribution ranges from street level retail order fulfillment to inbound material control. We can develop and manage a program of dedicated trucks and uniformed delivery staff to deliver dry and refrigerated SKU’s, keeping your store shelves and coolers freshly stocked every day. Your warehouse docks are less congested and your staff less distracted; your store traffic is comprise of customers, not delivery personnel. Benefits Of Dedicated Distribution:

  • High service levels at a determined cost
  • Scalable to meet seasonal market demands
  • Allows management and front line associates to focus on core business
  • Utilize Hanson transportation management technology
  • Reduce capital requirements and improve return on investment
  • Integrate with warehousing and order fulfillment for additional service/cost improvements
  • Reduce manpower and management requirement
  • Eliminate liability, regulations, and the training and safety issues associated with private fleet ownership
  • Customized equipment for specific applications

distribution-1 From long hauls across the country to daily fulfillment of retail store orders, Hanson delivers.

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