Cold Storage Expansion: Off the Drawing Board and Into the Ground

Category: Cold Chain,Frozen Warehousing,Refrigerated Transportation November 21, 2014

By the time you read this, the concrete has likely been poured in the Phase 4 expansion to our cold storage Chicago Consolidation Center. There will be more concrete and steel in the months ahead as we build out our plan, more safety and mechanical systems, racks and doors and in the spring of 2015, more very cold air. This is all to improve our services to customers and businesses alike.

That’s all good and exciting. Yet it was the actions of people that paved the way for this noticeable addition to our service offering. The continual “Yes We Can” attitude of Hanson associates, the vote of confidence from our Board of Directors, the optimism of our management team, and the patronage of our customers. . . these are the things of success. So thank you to all involved in this process and monumental building – it’s been a long time coming and we could not have possibly done it alone.

We hold no franchise on cold storage or refrigerated transportation. Members of the Hanson team earn the right to grow in the marketplace every day. Through courteous service, making the best decision, getting things done. That’s what gets it off the drawing board and into the ground.

The Growing Cold Chain Market – It’s Just Getting Started

Category: Cold Chain December 12, 2014

A recent report published by MarketsandMarkets forecasts a significant global cold chain market growth in the next five years. This report mainly focuses on refrigerated storage and transportation, defining and categorizing the market, as well as analyzing and projecting market size and value. MarketsandMarkets expects the global cold chain market to reach more than $233 Read the full article…

The Value of Supply Chain Consistency

Category: Supply Chain January 15, 2015

On the list of sales messages from companies across the temperature-controlled supply chain, I don’t know that ‘consistency’ is in the Top 10. It should be. Supply chain consistency is a fundamental tenant of any successful product or process. You find a high degree of consistency in the world’s best brands, in product quality and Read the full article…