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Thoughts on Cold Chain Logistics
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While traffic is a large cause of frustration and a time waster for many drivers, road congestion is especially detrimental to truck drivers. In a recent report by the Department of Transportation’s National Freight Strategic Plan, the DOT announced that road traffic congestion costs the trucking industry nearly $27 billion annually due to lost time and excess fuel consumption. Congested roads cause shipping delays, which, in turn, raise product prices....
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The best cold chain practices have evolved significantly over the past ten years in parallel with the evolution of the global supply chain. This evolution was the result of free enterprise at work; the best got better. Now, the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) will add an addditional metric to frozen product distribution. This act is the result of simple questions from consumers about today’s complex food chain. As consumers ask...
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With the influx of transportation rules and regulations, navigating the temperature-controlled logistics industry is more challenging than ever. In order to properly manage the ultra-sensitive cold chain, shippers are finding it more and more attractive to leverage the specialized knowledge of a third-party logistics provider (3PL). In the cold chain, a single upstream error can (and will) have a domino effect on the entire supply chain, and the more complex...
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Hanson Logistics has achieved many milestones, thanks to the effort and commitment of all Hanson associates, including warehouse staff, administration, drivers and supply chain directors. With the recent addition of two new members—Terry Brown and Mark Eriks—to the Hanson Logistics Board of Directors, it’s important to acknowledge the value our board adds to our company. We’re fortunate to have a board comprised of very talented and experienced individuals, all of...
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Watch the Tippmann Group’s time lapse video of the Chicago Consolidation Center Phase IV construction. While it looks like time went by quickly, the 85,000-square-foot expansion actually took many months of hard work to complete. We’re excited to see the finished buildout, now ready for 12,000 additional pallet positions of deep frozen storage.
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Hanson Logistics provides end-to-end temperature-controlled distribution, transportation, warehousing and supply chain services, including multi-vendor consolidation services to the nation's major retailers. As one of the largest providers in the US, the company operates a growing refrigerated transportation fleet and 9 facilities in the central states, totaling 39 million cu. ft. with more than 200 Hanson teammates.