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Thoughts on Cold Chain Logistics
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Americans consume nearly 225 lbs. of fruit per person every year, much of which has been stored and distributed through the cold chain. Logistics plays an important role keeping these products as fresh as possible. The Michigan agricultural industry contributes $101.2 billion each year to the state’s economy. As the number one producer of blueberries and cherries in the country, Michigan farms know firsthand how vital it is to safely...
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Ever since the first third party logistics (3PL) firm opened its doors 40 years ago, 3PLs and cold storage providers like Hanson Logistics have evolved and transformed to meet their customers’ needs. With more businesses paying close attention to the environmental impact of their supply chains—and finding ways to offset the carbon footprint associated with producing and distributing food products—3PLs play a vital role in making the transportation component “greener”...
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The logistics industry may have a robust and lengthy history, but the third party logistics (3PL) sector is less than 40 years old. Even on that shorter timeline, the evolution of the 3PL industry has grown over the years to meet better customers’ changing and complex demands. Today, these multifaceted, agile organizations provide a solid backbone for shippers of all sizes and across all industries. The trend of outsourcing logistics...
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Temperature sensitivity and the complex logistics from manufacturer to customer present many challenges to the temperature-controlled supply chain. Failure to maintain the correct temperature in moving food or beverage can result in degradation, spoiling, and microbial growth. While countries like the United States have advanced temperature-controlled warehouse and transportation technology, less-developed countries do not. The U.S. imports 17 percent of the 650 billion pounds of food consumed each year, and...
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We believe our success in the frozen food and 3PL industry is only possible with the seasoned logistics professionals on our management team. As part of a recent issue of COLD FACTS magazine, the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) interviewed Andrew Janson, President of Hanson Logistics, to learn more about the current state of the cold chain industry and how it may continue to evolve in the future. Janson joined the...
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Hanson Logistics provides end-to-end temperature-controlled distribution, transportation, warehousing and supply chain services, including multi-vendor consolidation services to the nation's major retailers. As one of the largest providers in the US, the company operates a growing refrigerated transportation fleet and 9 facilities in the central states, totaling 39 million cu. ft. with more than 200 Hanson teammates.